Marvel The Avengers known as The Avengers film based on comics written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby entitled The Avengers was first released on April 11th, 2012. The storyline has a connection with Captain America : The First Avengers. Like any others action films, The film with 143 minutes duration provides a rounded story and closed by a victory of the superheroes.  It is usual, to make a victory in the end of story is not as easy as flipping your hand. Barries and obstacles are the compulsory thing must be solved to get it.

Just like in Marvel The Avengers film, the six superhero consists of Captain America ( Steve Rogers )-the famous superhero, Black Widow and Hawkeye must work together with Ironman-a millionare and genius scientist whose having an amazing clothe that makes him becomes a superhero, Hulk-a powerful green giant, and the last one, Thor-the man from Asgard.

Those superheros collaborate themselves to get the Tesseract  Crystal back that ever gotten by Captain America from Red Skull and saved by United State Government. The crystal is used as the research object of SHIELD lead by Nicky Fury. It has a powerful magic so that Loki-a man from Asgard Planet who is also known as Thor’s foster brother-interested to come to the earth and steal it. This situation leads Nicky Fury to gather all the heros to protect the crystal from Loki. Unfortunately, Loki is not easily defeated by anyone even the Avengers. He has Chitauri troops that makes him more powerful than Captain America and other heros.

In the end of Marvel The Avengers film, the conflict seems to be more complicated when Loki sends his troop to the earth to help him in gaining his aim. The situation is getting worse when one of the Nicky Fury’s members make a betrayal by shooting nuclear-powered missile to United State. Knowing it, Ironman with his powerful clothes turns its direction to the Asgard’s door and makes it closed. Loki and his troop are defeated and the Avengers can save the Tesseract  Crystal back.

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